Fresh Greens from Our Garden and Why I Use a Salad Spinner

Today I harvested some salad greens from our garden! Very exciting.

I also wanted to share a kitchen tip with you. I highly recommend using a salad spinner, and I’ll share why. First, I’ll tell you that I don’t stock up on tons of kitchen gadgets that I don’t use regularly. I didn’t really think I needed a salad spinner, but Tad wanted to get one (thanks, Alton Brown), and we found one on sale for $3 at Wal-mart. I started using it and noticed a big difference!

When you spin your salad greens after washing them, they stay fresh longer. I love salad, and when I make a salad I usually make enough for another meal as well. When you take a minute to spin your greens, they will last longer in the fridge and not get “wilty and brown! Linked to:
Kitchen Tip Tuesday


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    Your garden and herbs are beautiful! Just gorgeous!! :)

    I like using a salad spinner, too. It really makes the washed lettuce last much longer in the fridge… and if I can do up salads for 4-5 days at a time, I’m much more likely to make/eat salads! :)

    Would you mind adding a link back to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays? Thank you! :)


    P.S. Your pregnancy pictures are so cute! :)

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    I’m a big fan of a salad spinner too – especially for homegrown lettuce. Is this your first harvest from your garden this year?? How exciting! After I spin the lettuce, I put it back in the fridge in an airtight container w/ a dry paper towel, and it just seems to last forever that way! The towel helps absorb any remaining moisture droplets.

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