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A while back, Tad shared here and here about why family devotions are important.  When we first started doing devotions with Vera, we really started out small… working on a memory verse, singing some songs, and praying.

We still keep things really simple, but this year we started learning the New City Catechism (children’s version).  We’re eight questions in (there are fifty-two), and Cordelia is actually learning some of the answers along with Vera!

Here you can watch Vera working on her questions (this was a week ago, so we were all still learning the eighth question).  Notice how CC helps her out with an answer at one point!

I think it’s important to note that Vera was exceptionally well-behaved for this video, which may give you the impression that sitting on Daddy’s lap is easy for her.  She’s a wiggle-worm, so it’s a big deal that she is growing in obedience and self-control!

In addition to working on our catechism, we also sing songs and pray.  We chose quite a mixture of songs, from the ones that go along with our catechism (by Songs for Saplings) to children’s Bible songs (The B-I-B-L-E, Jesus Loves Me, etc.) to hymns (Trust and Obey, Be Thou My Vision, the Doxology, etc.) to contemporary songs (10,000 Reasons, All I Have Is Christ, etc.) to seasonal selections (Christmas and Easter songs).  We usually do 5-10 songs each night, depending on everyone’s attitudes and how late it is.

We close our devotion time by singing the Doxology.  Tad always prays for us after that.  Recently, we’ve started asking Vera what we can pray for her about.  Usually it’s about a sore finger/toe/elbow, but sometimes she asks for prayer to be more loving or something like that.

Most evenings, family devotions are crazier than a three-ring-circus.  For real.  Kids are twirling around the room, usually one out of three kids crying at a given moment, and certain people do not want to sing/say questions/etc.  Our girls can be crazy and wild most nights!  But we keep persevering at this anyway, knowing that it will reap eternal rewards as the Gospel takes hold of our children’s hearts.  This is totally worth it!

I’ll also add, most mornings I do a brief devotion time with the girls after breakfast.  We worked on learning 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 in February (“our love verse,” we call it), and I’m hoping to start a short Easter passage soon.

We strive to make our home a Christ-centered place, though we fail many days.  We are thankful that His grace is there even when we are weak!  I’m praying that my children grow up with fond memories of the time we spent as a family worshipping God together.


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    our boys do these questions :) – they remember so much so young. Its so good to teach them young because as they mature they begin to really wonder what these things mean they “say” – and thats when it gets so amazing to see God moving them closer to him. Its the best.

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    VERA—MiMi is SO proud of you!! You are learning SO MANY truths about God and His world! I like how you thought very hard and tried to remember it all. I also like how you sat nicely on Daddy’s lap —GOOD job!! You are growing up so quickly. I love you BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!
    (And, Cordelia, you sound like you are learning a lot too! Can’t wait to see your personality unfold as you start talking more and more!! I love you SO MUCH)
    GREAT job, Tad and Aliesha, on the video, and, much more importantly, on your perseverance in training these little souls!! I love you both! (and Jude!)

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    Thanks so much for sharing this! My husband and I have been chatting a lot lately about starting to develop family devotions – both as a couple and also starting with our kids (2 & 3m) So appreciate your thoughts and am encouraged by Tad and your desire to teach your family. So excited that God is being glorified by your obedience as parents!

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    This was great! Thanks for sharing. I would love to see a post from you about your day-to-day schedule/activities since you have so many little ones at home.

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    I love the idea of memorizing the 52 questions and answers! Is there something you do to help her memorize the answers, other than just repeating it over and over? My 3 year old memorizes Bible verses, and we usually do one a week. The curriculum we use puts the Bible verses to familiar songs, so it’s very easy to memorize. Also, how do you review the older questions so she doesn’t forget them? Thanks!

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      What curriculum do you use? It sounds fun! We’re currently in the process of reviewing older questions. Sometimes to help her learn it we’ll have her ask us the questions. We also will leave “blanks” for her to fill in as we go.

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