An Owl Party!

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Cordelia had such a fun time anticipating her owl birthday party the last few weeks!  She talked about it every day.

Me: CC, what kind of party are you going to have?
Cordelia: I havin’ a owl partay! A owl partay!
Vera: Owls are my favorite too!

We had the party on Saturday evening, and we were so glad that both sets of grandparents, two uncles, one aunt, and one cousin all came to help us celebrate!

I hardly took any pictures during the party (too busy playing hostess and nursing Jude!), but here are some I managed to get before things got too crazy (aka when the kids were all napping)!

Everyone got to put on owl temporary tattoos (in the milk glass bowl, above).

The kids had a special table with owl plates.

Art by Katie Daisy; chipboard owls from Michael’s

Mmmm… chocolate cake!

Napkins and plates from Five Below

My mom made these cute owl bags

And also these bags, filled with caramel popcorn

I had a lot of fun making an owl piñata!  It was almost too cute to beat with a stick.

Pictures from CC’s second year

Owl banner with the same owls I used on the invitations (cut out by my mom with her Silhouette)

Festive chalkboard art

Another banner, and some of the pictures I took of Cordelia

Vera was quite excited about the party too!

My grandmother gave them these cute owl shirts and my mom made ruffled pants to match.  Adorable!

They really do love each other.

Daddy’s girls, for sure!

Jude had an owl shirt too!

Me and my big girl

The party menu:  feta dip, pita chips, spinach artichoke dip, crackers, veggies, Caesar salad, rolls, cornbread, white chicken chili, minestrone soup, and chocolate cake!

Angela’s amazing feta dip

Spinach artichoke dip


Mom C.’s amazing Caesar salad

My mom’s amazing buttery rolls and my whole grain cornbread

Of course the birthday girl loved her chocolate cake!  I’ve made this cake/frosting recipe twice now and I think it’s a family favorite.  I’ll have to blog the recipe sometime!

We are so thankful for all of the family members who came to help us celebrate our sweet CC’s second birthday party!  It was such a fun party!


  1. says

    What a fun looking party, Aliesha! It’s so special to plan such fun details with family for family! Happy Birthday to your little Cordelia! Thanks for sharing the joy!

  2. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Cordelia! What a pretty and fun party! I love the colors and the decorations! I love how you made you your piñata. I would like to know how you did it!

    • says

      Thanks! For the pinata, I cut fringe into streamers and glued them around an empty Cheerios box. I just kept wrapping (bottom to top), creating the fringed look. The facial features, wings, and feet were cut from scrapbooking paper. I taped a ribbon inside the box at the top before taping the top shut and covering it with more streamers. It took a little bit of time to wrap it, but it was very easy. :) You can use this method for any kind of piñata, really!

  3. Aislin Kelly says

    Amazing birthday party theme! From decoration to dining, everything is just perfect. From American idol to Zoology, there are actually thousands of kid’s birthday party themes which can be chosen for little one’s birthday. A couple weekends ago we celebrated our daughter’s 3rd birthday. She chose Fairy Tale as her party theme so I incorporated the same theme along with some other cartoon characters and of course plenty of princess and Fairy Tales. I ordered some special balloons from for decorations as well as created some new craft paper flowers. My daughter had a great time at her party with some sweet friends and family members.

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