Vera used to hate baths. From her very first bath EVER, pretty much all the way up to very recently, she screamed every time we even talked about baths! 

Lately though, she’s been coming around to the idea.

She seems like she’s enjoying baths more now!

I think one of the things that helped was watching Cordelia enjoy taking a bath.

While she still doesn’t want to take a bath every day, at least she can tolerate them without screaming.

I love this sweet, giggly girl!


  1. Anonymous says

    My two year old is like that (their birthdays are actually only a day apart, ha ha). I finally gave up and she just jumps in the shower with me, and I give her the soap bar to wash up. As far as her hair, I wash that over the kitchen sink and rinse it with a cup. That’s the ONLY way she will tolerate it. I felt bad for a while, like she was missing out on the important childhood experience of bathtime, lol. But as long as she’s getting clean and she’s happy, I’m fine with it.

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