Cordelia’s One Month Old!

It’s hard to believe it, but Cordelia is one month old today!  (Here’s Vera at one month)


Some milestones:
-nurses a lot :)
-is really growing!
-weighs approximately 11 pounds
-started wearing cloth diapers this week
-loves taking walks and being worn in a wrap
-wears some newborn clothing, but mostly 0-3 or 3 month stuff now
-this week started to really maintain prolonged eye-contact… so sweet!
-still has lots of dark hair
-doesn’t look as much like Vera as I originally thought she did (she has her own look!)
-is quite a little cuddle-bug!

My mom used this rocking chair to photograph me every month of my first year, and we also used it for Vera’s first year!


  1. says

    chunky lil thing :) – love it. And yup I dont see much of Vera at all. Thats whats so cool abt having the same sex in a row like that… its really fun to see the differences.

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