Friday, July 9, 2010

Week Thirty-Six

Baby girl is head-down!! An examination and an ultrasound performed by my midwife today confirmed that our baby girl has turned head-down in preparation for meeting the world. We are thankful!

Click here to see last week's belly bump.

In one more week, we will have reached the "safe zone" where our baby will be fully developed.

I'm feeling pretty good lately, aside from being hot (which I would be even if not pregnant, as it has been in the 100's down here this week) and having some swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet (you can see that a little bit in the picture). I'm sleeping well at night and feeling good during the day. I'm still feeling lots of movements (kicks and punches) from our little girlie, especially right after a meal.

We're going to a childbirthing class tomorrow and we're looking forward to learning lots.

Sorry that I haven't posted on the blog much this week... it's been pretty crazy around here with the car situation, hosting a youth party, and preparing for my mom and brother coming this weekend!


  1. You look so pretty in your pic! I am very happy that your pregnancy is progressing so well, and that your baby is in the proper position. God bless you and your baby!

  2. Aaw that is a great picture! And I'm so happy everything is going well with your baby girl :)

  3. I see HENNA on your feed ;-) you look cute!! Im so glad baby girl is head down, that means I can be there for her arrival now! ;-) so exciting!!

    PS~ my word verification was "pound" hehe, i couldnt help but think about the last few weeks , how we all gain 1-2 lbs OR MORE each passing week, chunking up our babies


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