What’s in my Hospital Bag(s): Diaper Bag

I’m obviously taking more than one bag with me to the hospital, but I’m planning on leaving this one in the car until I need it. My diaper bag contains stuff for our baby which I clearly won’t need until after she is born. I know I don’t really need all of this stuff at the hospital, but I had room, so I went ahead and made sure the bag was stocked! This is also where I’m stashing most of the things I’ll need for breastfeeding.

I picked up this Graco sage green diaper bag at Big Lots for just $10!
What’s in my diaper bag:
-cloth prefold diapers (for burp cloths)
-changing pad
-6 newborn size diapers (natural…just in case I don’t like what the hospital provides)
-wipes (natural…just in case I don’t like what the hospital provides)
-zippered wet bag (came with the diaper bag)
-tissues (for me)
-hand sanitizer (for me to use before/after changing dirty diapers)
-Lanolin cream
-cloth breast pads
-disposable breast pads
Milk Band (nursing bracelet…to keep track of breastfeeding schedule)
-baby nail clippers and emery board (in case the hospital doesn’t have these on hand)
-Aquaphor baby healing ointment
-baby Calendula cream
-socks (they’re little pink Pumas!!)
-onesies (so she’ll look cute for all her visitors)
-going home outfit (the same one I wore home as a baby!)
-blanket (made by my mom)
-soft teddy bear
-reusable bag (to bring extra things home in)

Sound like I’m stocked?


  1. says

    You may also want to bring a nursing cover! I almost didn’t bring mine but was glad I did because I was able to nurse and enjoy our hospital visitors at the same time! (And while learning to breastfeed, it was nice to have the cover because it’s hard to be discreet as a beginner!!)

  2. says

    In the hospital you honestly wont need the nursing cover LOL, you are going to have to get use to nursing 1st before learning to nurse with that thing on, its hard enough without it on :) Plus in the hospital you are exposed all the time in front of the nurses, its silly to cover up :) the only time you may have to cover up is if visitors come, but usually in those cases the visitors just step out :)

    Thats just my opinion tho :)

    I think your good! Love that bag, its so cute!! what a steal.

    Oh take baby mittens, babies scratch their faces up really easy.

  3. Kristine says

    I really loved reading what was in your bags. You are so prepared! I like the idea for essential oils too. I will use your list as a guideline hopefully sometime soon as I am hoping for a baby. You have thought of everything, and I also think it was very smart to pack individually!

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