Friday, September 21, 2012

Date Night

Tad planned a wonderful date night for us last night (first one sans baby since Cordelia was born!) and I wanted to share a few pictures from it.

Grammy came down to watch the girls for us, which was so sweet of her!  We're still arguing over who got the better end of that deal.  Vera was clinging to us before we left, but she had an awesome time with Grammy.
Tad took me to my hair salon first so I could get a much-needed haircut (also the first one since Cordelia was born).  The sky was gorgeous on the way to dinner.
We went to a fun restaurant we'd never been to before and ordered food we'd never tried before!  Tad got Pad Thai Noodles with Shrimp, Pork, & Chicken.

I got Mongolian Beef, served with pitas, slaw, and sweet potato fries.

I loved my new haircut, by the way.

After dinner we went to Fresh Market and walked around (shopping is fun without babies in tow!) and got some coffee.

We had a wonderful time together and laughed a lot! 


  1. That sounds fabulous! Love your new haircut too.

  2. WHAT a thoughtful hubby you have!!
    <3 MiMi

  3. Sounds like such a fun time! Your haircut looks great! I got my hair cut today for the first time since Asher was born - it feels so good to have it freshly cut! :)

    Love your new blog design!

  4. How nice! Looks like you two had a good time. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Awesome!! So glad you all were able to get out.... its very nice and refreshing;) And like you hair, too!! What a great date night;)

  6. Yay for grandmothers! Yay for dates! So happy for you!


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