How to Use Washi Tape on Your Instagram Photos

Lately I’ve been instagramming a lot of photos with washi tape captions:

Do you want to know how to add washi tape to your instagram photos too?  It’s not hard, but there are several steps involved.  It’s totally addictive, though, once you get the hang of it!  It will also make your photos appear more polished and … “fancy”!  haha.

The apps you will need are:
– built in Camera (or a fun camera app like Pudding Camera or Retro Camera – both free)
– (optional) a photo editor like BeFunky (free)
Instagram (free)
Masking Tape ($.99) – free alternatives (with not as many tape/color options) are Label Box or Label Plus
Phonto (free)

Start by taking a photo with your built-in camera or another camera like Pudding Camera.

(Optional) Open it in BeFunky or another photo editor and adjust the sharpness/brightness/contrast/etc.  You can also add a filter at this point if you want.

Open the photo in Instagram, crop it, and apply your filter of choice.  Do NOT upload it… simply close out of Instagram and it should save it to your phone’s gallery.  (If this doesn’t work, put your phone in airplane mode, hit upload, and it will save it to your phone but fail to upload it.)

Open Masking Tape and open your cropped/filtered photo (far left icon at the bottom of the screen).  Add tape(s) of choice (far right button on bottom of screen) by dragging your finger across the photo.

Save your image (second button from right at bottom of screen).  Close Masking Tape.  (You can add text with Masking Tape, but there are not very many options, so I don’t use this feature.)

Open Phonto and open your photo with the washi tape on it.  Add text (button at top right) as desired.  You can change the font, size, and tilt.  You can even use your own fonts you’ve installed on your phone (I just installed 31 new fonts today!).  Save your image.

Open Instagram again and open your image from your Phonto files.  Expand the box around your photo so it doesn’t crop it again.  Add a caption and upload it!

I know this sounds like a lot of steps, but it really doesn’t take very long and it’s a fun, no-mess creative outlet for me that I can do in just a few minutes!

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