Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She Calls Me "Honey"

A few weeks ago, I was taking care of Cordelia in the nursery and I needed Tad for something.  I hollered (the AC was on and he was a few rooms away), "Tad!  Could you come here please?"  Vera, who was sitting in the room with me, quickly piped up: "Tad!  Come here please!"  Of course Tad and I both cracked up laughing.  I've tried to be more conscious of not calling him Tad in front of her since it is a little confusing that "Dad" and "Tad" sound so much alike.  :)

Tad and I call each other "honey" all the time, so it's no wonder that Vera has picked up on that too.

Vera has started calling me "honey"!  As in...

"Honey, where are my shoes?"  (Who does she sound like?)

"Honey, where are my keys?"  (Um... you don't have any keys!)

"Honey, when's dinner?" (A little parrot, I tell you!)

Honey, this... honey, that.  It's quite adorable.

You gotta watch what you say around a toddler!


  1. Oh my goodness that is so cute! I especially love the toddler asking "Honey, where are my keys?"!!!

  2. adorable! AND I LOVE this picture!!! Our boys used to play "THE BOBBI AND THE DANNY" when they were little! I can remember them crying and crying if they had to be THE BOBBI again!!

  3. How cute is that?

    My little girl cannot understand why her father calls her mother "baby"!!


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