Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pictures with Mimi

Before Mimi left last week, we wanted to get some pictures of her and the girls. One of the two girls is quite a wiggle-worm! The first one actually was one of the best!

The other one of my girls is always smiling.  :)
Another "peeking" photo...
And a tea party!
Any tips for getting good pictures of wiggly almost-two-year-olds?


  1. Haha, nope Gideon has become more photogenic but Tirzah isn't interested at all...so pictures are quite impossible! But fun when you catch a good one!

  2. I sure LOVE these pictures of your mom with your girls! What a treasure!!

    I happened to write recently about my latest trick for getting good pictures of my little ones. :)

    But you know, during stages when a child doesn't want to look at the camera and smile, pictures like that last one where Vera is holding the cup are still fantastic! Action shots! :)


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