Link Love

Here are some great reads I’ve come across recently (a random assortment, I know, but they are worthwhile links)!

On Motherhood
Evangelism and Motherhood (a great post for those involved in ministry or not!)
How to Clothe Kids Cheaply (lots of good tips here)
Learning to Nurse Lying Down (so important after you’ve just had a baby!)
Things to Love about Being a Mom (hope in the trenches)
How to “Do it All” (love this post by a mom of 6!)
When You Need, Give (totally convicting)
31 Days of Prayers for Your Children (includes a printable)

On Food & Nutrition
10+ Bean Recipes that Won’t Leave You Feeling Deprived (more recipes in the comments section)
113 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Health (yes, you need to read this!)

On Home Education
Homeschooling Kindergarten: One Mom’s Story (funny & refreshing)
10 Lessons Learned in 30 Years of Homeschooling (also funny and encouraging)

Have a great weekend!


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