Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week in Instagram

Here are some little snippets of our life that I've posted on Instagram over the last week or so!

pompom sorting activity
fussy turns to happy when worn!
his & hers

bacon, lettuce, and fried green tomato sandwiches on multigrain bread
flowers from the backyard
nautical elements in my kitchen for summer

fluffy baby bum

coffeecake in a mug (made with whole wheat flour, sucanat, and Greek yogurt)
How are you finding beauty in the little, everyday things this week?


  1. Oh I'd love that coffee cake recipe!

  2. @Cortney warning: it's addictive!

  3. Oh my, Vera looks just like my two-year old daughter... ALWAYS with bruises on her shins. Honestly, I don't know how mine gets herself into so much trouble :)

  4. @AnonymousI bruise like a peach, so she gets it honest!


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