Stocking up on Office Supplies

I love shopping back-to-school sales to stock up on office supplies for the next year!  There’s just no reason to pay full-price for office/school supplies during the year when you can stock up in the summer when they are practically giving stuff away!

I purchased $51.50 worth of supplies (pictured above) for just $7.90 (after sales & rebates*) at Staples!  Here’s what I got:

-computer paper (2 @ $.25/pack after rebate*)
-pens (2 @ $.01/pack)
-pencils (3 @ $.25/pack)
-dry erase markers (2 @ $.50/pack)
-scotch tape (3 @ $1.00/roll)
-school glue (2 @ $.01/ea.)
-glue sticks (1 @ $1.00/pack)
-super glue (1 @ free after rebate*)
-crayons (2 @ $.01/pack)
(I also intended to get markers, but they somehow didn’t get rung up.  I had six kids with me.)
*Staples’ rebates are super easy to complete. You do them online and get a check in the mail!

Have you gotten any great back-to-school deals lately?


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    I haven’t gotten any deals this year but I work at Target and back-to-school is, hands down, my favorite time of year in the retail industry! I just love it. My co-workers think I am nuts but I love it! When back-to-school hits it is the reminder that fall (my favorite time of year) is just around the corner :)

    Great deals you found at Staples and a great idea to stock up NOW!

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