Nursery Finishing Touches

Yesterday I finally completed a couple of little projects I’ve been meaning to do since we revealed the nursery in January.  First up, we hung Vera’s quilt behind her crib.

You may not be able to tell in the picture, but her crib is far enough away from the quilt/curtains that she can’t reach them.

Secondly, I finally made the other pink houndstooth shade for the window!  I have been putting this off since I don’t really like to sew, but I “just did it” the other night and hung it yesterday.  It looks great, though it feels like it’s always been there!  (I have straightened up the bookshelf since taking this picture.)

The vintage yellow suitcase holds baby carriers.

Next, I added hot pink rick-rack to the plain white lamp shade by the glider rocker. It helps brighten it up a little bit!

I also hung a hook on the back of the door for hanging outfits (we like to lay out church clothes the night before) and coats in the winter.

Another thing I did was switch Cordelia’s and Vera’s clothes in the closet so that Vera’s are now on the bottom so she can pick out what she wants to wear each day.  Oh, and her clothes are now in color order.


Their closet is actually somewhat “makeshift.” We installed spring rods and a curtain (also on a spring rod) to form a closet in a doorway (there are two doors to this room) since there was not a closet.  It’s working really well and holds lots of clothes!

Vera loves getting her pajamas out of her dresser before bed.

One project I am still working on is the gallery wall in the “play” corner.  I’ve been playing around with an arrangement, but I’ll probably still change it a little bit before hammering any nails.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately, among other things!


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    You were so smart to use that hall way as a closet!! very cool :) – and I love that your baby carriers are in a suit case HEHE.

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