May Freezer Cooking Extravaganza

I discovered an AWESOME website recently called Once a Month Mom.  This site helps make freezer cooking more do-able.  Every month, new menus are posted (whole foods, traditional, gluten-free, vegetarian, diet, etc.) and everything you need is put together so you can have a successful freezer cooking day.  You are given all of the recipes, instructions, and grocery shopping lists.  All you have to do is shop for what’s on your list and then get to work cooking!  They even provide labels to put on your frozen meals.

This was the first month I tried cooking and freezing a menu from OAMM.  I made the Whole Foods menu, which is filled with lots of awesome, healthy recipes I was very excited to try.  I shopped on Saturday and started cooking that day as well.  I finished up my cooking on Tuesday, so it took me several days to complete all of the cooking.  But I do have two under two, so I think that’s understandable.  If I had had one big section of time to work, I probably could have finished it in a day.

I ended up making 46 meals (plus several breakfast foods) for our family!!  I love the variety of the menu… from southwest paninis to veggie enchiladas to beef lettuce wraps to grilled pork (it is FAR from just casseroles)!  I am thankful that God gave me the time and energy to accomplish so much, and that I was able to use OAMM!

*I was not paid or perked to mention Once a Month Mom’s great site. I just wanted to share about a site that has helped me so much!


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    Wow! Great job! I’d just be afraid that I would spend more than my grocery budget by cooking all at once. I would miss out on a lot of good sales.

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    @StaceyLots of people shop for several weeks to buy all of the ingredients for their freezer cooking day. I use a cash envelope system so I was able to use my extra grocery money to make the big purchase at once.

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    Wow! That is awesome that you were able to get so many recipes done! I have been wanting to try and few recipes from Money Saving Mom’s Fill Your Freezer series, but I’m not sure that I have room in our freezer. Do you have have a seperate freezer? Mine is filled with chicken breasts, venison, and other stock up items. Wish we had a space for a box freezer!

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    @CortneyWe are blessed to have a chest freezer. But OAMM has several mini menus designed for people with little freezer space or time to devote to a big cooking day. Check those out!

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