I haven’t posted a lot about the adjustment from one baby to two.  To read my blog the last six weeks, you might think our days are filled with nothing but lovely scenes of sweetly sleeping, beautifully dressed little girls.  Ha!  Today, Cordelia was a little on the fussy side and refused to be set down, and Vera somehow managed to get nearly every surface of the house sticky due to the consumption of one jelly bean (how is this even possible?).  It has been a joyous time, but also a huge time of adjustment.  Now that we’ve reached the six week mark, things are starting to level out to an extent.

yes, Vera is wearing her pajamas in the backyard :)

It’s still crazy around here most days!  We’ve had to adjust to caring for two babies, and honestly it’s been harder than I thought it would be.  God has given us lots of grace in so many ways as we’ve adjusted (family to help us, friends to provide meals, a flexible work schedule for Tad, etc.), and we are grateful for that.

Like I said, some things are starting to level out.  We’re now only washing cloth diapers every other day instead of every day (which we did for three weeks).  Cordelia is starting to sleep better at night…what a blessing!  Both girls are also on the same napping schedule, which gives me an hour in the morning to get a few things done, as well as a couple of hours in the afternoon (where I often squeeze in a nap too!).  Grace upon grace! 

We are so blessed to have our two sweet girls (and would love many more!), and God is growing us and teaching us a lot through this time of transition!


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    It is a change when you add in another child. I’m hoping for a smooth transition from two to three. Pretty soon you’ll see a change and it will seem like you’ve always had two. It’s hard when the infant isn’t on a schedule, at least for me.

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    That adjustment from 1 to 2 is so hard. At least it was for me! I think Taite was 5 mo before I felt I had things together HAHA. We also had to move from Ohio to NC when he was only 2 mo… so that I think made the adjustment period much longer.

    Glad you all can get outside and enjoy the weather – rather than dealing with winter cold :) – that can make it even harder.

    The day before we moved, we got 2 feet of snow in Ohio – I felt like a hermit, never left. Badddd :)

    The adjustment from 2 to 3, SO MUCH EASIER! Still hard those 1st few weeks with the sleeping stuff, but I didnt have feelings of feeling divided between my kids, like I did with the 2nd… The older two had each other and it really was special for them to have that.

    So I bet next go around – your adjustment will be totally different, yet full of just as much sweetness :)

    I love that we arent the only jammie wearers outdoors 😉

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    I’ve been praying for you! It is definitely a huge adjustment. Going from 2-3 has been somewhat easier, but since Lily and Levi are still so young, there are days I still feel like there isn’t enough mommy to go around. They still have lots of things they need me for.

    Love the pictures of your sweet girls!

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