Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do you think...

Do you think baby Cordelia looks like her Mommy, her Daddy, or a combination?  See her picture yesterday.



  1. I think she looks like you! I thought that about Vera as well, but I REALLY see it with Cordelia!

  2. I think she looks like you Aliesha.....her eyes are big and bright, her chubby cheeks, and her mouth is turned down like yours in your baby picture (Tad's is just straight)!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  3. Aliesha, I think she looks more like you. I already told your Dad that I could see the Benzinger in her. With Vera, I was one that voted she looked more like Tad. Either way, they are both beautiful girls!!

  4. all you except the nose! daddy's nose all the way : )


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