New Words

Vera has been picking up some new words lately!  She already knew Dada, Mama, kitty, kitty cat, what’s that, and water (used rarely).  She could also sign for milk.  In the last week, she started saying water very clearly and frequently (as in, “water water water water” while pointing at her cup or the sink).  She also is trying to sign for water as well (it’s a harder sign, since you have to make a “W” with three fingers and bring them to the corner of your mouth).

In the last week Vera also said “more” while signing for it at the same time.  Tad is pretty sure he heard her say “bread” when he got her up from her nap.  I am almost positive she said “water bottle” to me this weekend while holding one!  I think I’ve heard her say “why?” a few times. She of course still signs for milk when she wants to nurse.

Her vocabulary is just exploding, but it doesn’t even come close to matching her comprehension level!  This is such an exciting season.


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    Each of my boys talked at different times. Taite by far our earliest.. at like 16 mo! he was talking sentences by 18 mo… and had an incredible vocab by age 2. Was unreal. He also was in a normal twin size bed by 16 mo… and did everything fast.

    Caleb on the other hand barely spoke until age 2. He knew prob a dozen signs tho that got him by :) – Owen now 18 mo. barely talks.. he jabbers a lot :) – and whines.. but doesnt put words together hardly any.

    I think all we’ve heard him say is..
    Taite (was one of Calebs 1st words too!)
    Ank ooo (thank you)
    ooosaiiii (outside)
    eeeee (pointing) just means he wants whatever he is point too lol

    and i think thats it.

    you can tell at his age he is very frustrated he cant get us to understand him. Which stinks :( – but he refuses to do sign – unlike Caleb at this age. So I just think it will be a long road for him hehe, but eventually they start talking and never shut up :) – so im not worried. hehe

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