Taking Meals to Others

Today I am guest posting on Kristin’s Veranda!  I’m sharing about taking meals to others.  Here’s a snippet:

If you’ve ever had someone prepare food for you when you
were sick, you know what a blessing the “ministry of food” can be!  I
love being able to bless people in need with meals, whether they are (or
one of their family members is) sick, grieving, moving, or welcoming a
new baby.

I thought I’d share with you today some tips for successfully bringing meals to others!

-Ask them.

might seem kind of unnecessary, but it is important to talk with the
family first and find out if a meal would be a blessing.  Ninety-nine
percent of the time they’ll say yes, but this also gives you a chance to
find out if they have any food preferences (i.e., vegetarian),
intolerances, or allergies and what day/time they would appreciate the

To read the rest of my post (which includes lots of other great tips!), click over to Kristin’s Veranda, where she is hosting a blog warming party this week!



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