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    Not quite excited just yet but I am starting to plan!! Just this week I’ve written out our Christmas budget and am starting to think of gift ideas! Very soon I’ll be starting to shop for Christmas gifts…which is exciting! I’m hoping to be completely finished shopping by December 1 since I’ll be about 36 weeks pregnant then…and probably in no mood to shop!

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    I just wrote on my to do list yesterday to make our Christmas gift list. I’ve been seeing Christmas pictures on Pinterest too and I’m getting excited! I LOVE Christmas!

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    I thought I was the only one that started thinking about Christmas this early!! I love that time of season…the planning, joy, and fun. Can’t wait for it!!

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    It’s been pretty cold here recently (raining like you wouldn’t believe today – I’m in the UK), so I slept with socks on a couple of nights ago. That really made it feel like Christmas! And those candy canes look yummy – it’s been an age since I’ve had a proper one, not the look-better-than-they-taste ten for £1 kind.

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    I’m with Liz, I’m ready for Jingle Bells by July 4th!

    I started a 25 week series on July 4th that runs every Monday on gift ideas if you are interested in taking a look. I do not have a creative bone in my body, so I used other’s creativity to put on the blog! :-)

    If interested, the link is:

    I’ve heard alot of great things about pinerest. I should go check it out! Thank you! :-)

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    Yes ma’am! Of course, I’m REALLY looking forward to FALL (which is a little closer – only two months away woohoo!!!!). Never too early to plan, work on decorations or address Christmas cards I always say! Loved the inspiration pics you shared with us. Hope you are well!

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