My Morning Cleaning Routine

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I didn’t sit down one day and think, “I should establish a morning cleaning routine,” but over the last several months, one has emerged (by the grace of God).  It is how I keep my house in relatively good order, and it’s how I maintain my sanity if I get little else done in the day besides nourishing my sweet baby.

My intent in posting this is to encourage you as you manage your own home, and to give you a few ideas that might be helpful.  Your routine will probably look much different than mine, and mine will probably look much different in a year!

This routine is my “ideal routine,” so it rarely looks as perfect and streamlined as this, but it’s my goal!

The Night Before
Yes, my morning routine starts at night!  The last 30 minutes of Vera’s day (before her bedtime ritual begins) are Daddy Time.  Tad holds her during this time and often reads and/or sings to her.  While they’re having Daddy/Daughter time, I use that time to finish up some tasks.  I finish folding and putting away laundry, hang cloth diapers to dry, wash up any remaining dishes, straighten the kitchen, pick up the living room, lay out Vera’s pj’s, and generally straighten other things in the house that need it. 

The Next Morning
As soon as I get out of bed, I make it (if not immediately, then shortly after…unless I’m washing the sheets that morning).  I pick up clothes on the floor and throw them in the hamper, and straighten books/etc. on our nightstands.
After washing my face, I straighten the bathroom (hang up towels, put things away, refill toilet paper, wipe down the sink, etc.).  If I’m feeling especially ambitious (or, about once a week), I’ll sweep the floor, clean the toilet with white vinegar, and thoroughly clean the sink and mirror.
As I walk to the kitchen, I’ll grab a load of laundry from the bedroom and throw it in the washer.  I feel like if I start the day with a load of laundry, I end up being much more productive overall during the day!
While my oatmeal is cooking in the microwave, I’ll put away dry, clean dishes that I washed the night before.  Since I straightened up the night before, putting away the dishes gives me a completely clean kitchen!  I’ll scan the menu to see if I need to defrost anything for dinner.  If I’m feeling especially ambitious, I’ll sweep the floor or start cooking something (soup, etc.).
Living Room
This room shouldn’t be too out of order since I straightened the night before, but I’ll scan the room for anything that needs to be put away, or for baby laundry (burp cloths, etc.) that needs to be washed.
Blogging (I know, not cleaning…)
I try to schedule blog posts the night before (sometimes I pre-schedule a week’s worth on the weekends) so I don’t have to do that first thing in the morning.  Other days, I’m not so well-prepared, so I write a post and get it up on the blog.

So that’s my basic morning cleaning routine!  Sometimes I get most of it done before Vera wakes up (rarely), sometimes she “helps” me (I’ve learned to do lots of things with just one hand), and sometimes (most of the time) I put her in her swing (which she loves) while I get these things done.

Three other things that help me:
If it’s open, close it.  This applies to closet doors, cabinets, drawers, etc. and helps make my home look neater!
Never walk out of a room empty-handed.  There’s almost always something that needs to be put away in another room!
Don’t “stand around” in the kitchen.  Always do something productive while you’re waiting!  Wash/put away dishes, sweep, clean out the fridge, whatever.  Just don’t waste time while waiting.

Do you have a morning/daily cleaning routine that works for you?

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    sounds like a good routine. Routines for me work.. to a degree. With each kid it seems to change :) – at night I use to do what you do, cleaning up and tidying, so theres less to do the next day, bt most evenings im to tired LOL so i leave it. Funny how our living room is one of the 1st rooms to get trashed :)

    I do think the making your bed right when you wake is a good idea, just hard some days.

    As long as we dont stress and try to enjoy the day despite a few messes, i think its all good. Although I d o love a tidy home! :)

  2. says

    I really like your last three highlighted items. I too employ those, and that is just a mode of life. Otherwise, for me, there is almost never a time that I “just put away the dishes” or “just pick up stuff”, etc. I always do things as I’m flying from one place to the other, from tending one little one to another little one, etc. It sounds like you have a good system going early!

  3. says

    I read your post and my routine is very similar. One thing I have been recommended over and over, is a baby wrap. That way, you have 2 hands free, and your baby doesn’t feel like you’re not there. All you need is 6metre long piece of fabric thats about 50-70cm wide. Google Moby wrap and then you’ll see the various ways of wrapping it. Its awesome!

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