A Bigger Bang for Your Bunch

…or, “How to Artfully Arrange a Bunch of Flowers”

Tad brought home a lovely bouquet of flowers for me when he was out grocery shopping for me this morning (is he great or what?). I thought I’d share how I arranged my bunch in order to get the most visual impact!

I almost always split up bunches of flowers. I think each type of flower stands out so much better when it is separated from the bunch. Plus, you get to spread out the vases of flowers all over your house!

The star of this bouquet was the sunflower. I put it in a Boyland’s glass bottle on the table in the breakfast nook.
The next flower was this beautiful yellow spider mum. I stuck it in another glass soda bottle and put it next to my kitchen sink. Up next was this bunch of yellow/purple mums. I cut them pretty short and put them in a bell mason jar on the other side of my kitchen.
Finally, I placed these purple mums in a jar that formerly housed strawberry preserves. I wrapped the jar with twine to cover the label. I also cut these really short. There were a few stray little flowers as well that I tucked in a green bud vase in the bathroom.
Here are a few other tips from my days as a florist:
– Always cut your stems before putting the flowers in a vase
– Never allow any leaves, buds, or flowers to be under the water line (they’ll cause bacteria to grow and your flowers won’t last as long)
– Use a little of the floral food they give you in each of your vases
– Change your water every few days and your flowers will last much longer!
– Very long-lasting flowers: mums (all varieties) and alstroemeria

Hope these tips help you brighten up your home with flowers!


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    Thanks for participating in TPoTP today Aliesha! This was a great post with a very helpful tip. Who doesn’t love getting more bang for your buck!? It’s lovely to brighten lots of places in your house with a touch of color vs. just having flowers on the kitchen table. Thanks so much for posting! Enjoy your weekend…

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