Week Thirty-Eight

Click here to compare with last week’s photo. Do you think the shape of my belly has changed?

They say the average first-time mom’s pregnancy lasts 288 days, which would be a little over a week past her due date. I do expect that our baby girl will probably be late, but I guess we will see! I’m definitely ready for her to come NOW (might have something to do with the crazy high heat and humidity), but I am trying hard to trust God’s perfect timing in her birth!

I woke up to a strong contraction this morning (most likely a Braxton-Hicks). I’ve been experiencing lots of pressure, lower back pain, and cramping, which I believe are all good signs that things are progressing the way they should. I am most definitely waddling like a penguin, and even when I notice it and try to correct myself, I sometimes can’t help it! It is very difficult to sleep now (mainly because of trying to get comfortable, but also because of how many times a night I have to get up), but I’m using lots of pillows and that seems to help. I told Tad that you’re supposed to add a pillow each month during pregnancy… and that’s how I justify my nine pillows! haha. (Just kidding… I am only using five.)

Last week I read (well, I read most of it and skimmed some parts) Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake (producer of the documentary The Business of Being Born) while sitting in Barnes and Noble. It was really helpful, as Lake strongly encourages women to make natural choices regarding their birth experience.

I’m sorry I still haven’t posted pictures of our nursery! I still have a couple of small things I want to do in there before I take and post all of the “reveal” pictures. Hoping to do that this weekend! For now, here’s a teaser!


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    I think the “hard endings” make you WANT to deliver… you begin to look forward to the actual WORK of labor:) And the heat/humidity has been awful… stay in the AC and put up yur feet:)

    I was giggling about your pillows…. I love pillows while preggo, too!! But b/c NATE was soo BIG I actually one used ONE pillow between my knees the last month!!

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    every pic u post is so cute. You def look more pregnant this week! My Aug pregnancy with Caleb was SOOO hard because of the heat. I had no swelling with taite or owen… and I honestly think its because I had them during COOL seasons.. the heat was just killer with Caleb (I had to go through the entire month of august with him lol)..

    I slept with 5 pillows too 😉 tell Tad hes lucky you dont have more! Plus its Gods way of making room for baby LOL, instead of pillows you will prob have a little one enjoying a few nights beside you, we all say that wont happen but it does :)

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    I had a huge banana pillow that I slept with and I recommend that to anyone I know that’s pregnant. i also used it a lot when I was nursing my baby

    you look wonderful. Cherish these last few days because life truly will never be the same!

    God bless you as you wait on him!

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    You look beautiful, Aliesha! I had Leah in the beginning of my 39th week and I had Adam in my 38th week so anything’s possible! I pray that God will give you the strength you will need for the birth. You and Tad will make wonderful parents. I can’t wait to see pictures of the little bit and find out her name!

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