Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Tour: Guest Bathroom

I still have lots that I want to do to our guest bathroom (known to us as "the pink bathroom"), but I thought I'd share what we've done so far. This is the main bathroom that guests and overnight visitors use, since it is next to the guest bedroom and the living room. Eventually we would like to put a tall shelf behind the door that we can use for open storage of necessities (such as towels) as well as to display decorative items.

We inherited the pepto bismol pink tiling and the vintage floral wallpaper. I've tried to tone-down the pink a little bit by using a gold shower curtain, cream and gold towels, and cream rugs.
This room has lots of light

Love these towels (Better Homes and Gardens) from Walmart! Monogrammed washcloths were a bridal shower gift from my sister-in-law Stephanie.
The tub is perfect for relaxing!
Cream ranunculus fill the rose-colored vase by the sink
Rose Garden French milled soap
Hope you enjoyed seeing our guest bathroom! For more house tour pictures, click here!


  1. Oh how cute!! I love those towels! And pink indeed it is!! :) Cute bathroom!

  2. Where did you get the curtain for the window? I have been looking for one of those!

  3. Amanda,
    The curtain in the window actually came with the house, so I don't know where to tell you to find one. Sorry!

  4. I love those towels too! So lovely - and a bit vintage too. Don't you wonder what people were thinking when they used PINK tile??? - I hope we don't look back on our decorating decisions like that in 30 years :-) Thanks for the Swagbuck tip about surveys. Where do you find them to take? Let me know via e-mail or comment on my blog as I don't usually remember what post I posted a question on to get back here to look. Thanks!

  5. This bathroom is adorable! Colors are great and love the light over the sink. Older houses are the best.


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