Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freezer Cooking... Little by Little

Okay, so if I were Super Woman, I would have had a big freezer cooking day already to prepare tons of meals in my freezer for when our baby arrives. However, since I'm not, I knew I needed to figure out another way of having some meals stashed away!
This week I've been slowly doing some freezer cooking... just a little bit each day. Monday I got some meat on sale when I was grocery shopping, and several days this week I've made extra of whatever I've been preparing so that I could freeze half. I've also picked up some convenience foods to have on hand as well.

I'm going to keep this up for the next few weeks so that I'll (hopefully) have a fairly well-stocked freezer by the time our baby girl gets here. Some of the things I have frozen still need to be prepared, but they are easy enough that Tad or I can throw them together even if we are slightly (or very) sleep-deprived.

Here's what I have in the freezer so far:
-turkey burgers (2 meals)
-beef roast - for making coffee beef (2-3 meals)
-spaghetti sauce - 3 bags (2 bags with 4-5 servings each, 1 bag with 8 servings - for crockpot lasagna)
-garlic bread (not made from scratch)
-pizza (not made from scratch...1 meal)
-sloppy joes (1 or 2 meals)
-lasagna (not made from scratch...1-2 meals)
-minestrone soup (2-3 meals)
-parmesan boneless pork chops - already cooked (2 meals)
-banana bread (1 loaf)

I'm going to keep adding to my "stash" over the next few weeks!


  1. What is better than being a SUPER woman?...A wise woman...and you are! Such a great homemaker and planner! Proverbs 31:27 ;-)
    Love you!

  2. You need to try kellys sticky chicken recipe, its sooo good and super cheap!! you could easily freeze it to im sure!

  3. Very smart. :) I try to do this from time to time anyway, just because there are always days here and there when you wish you didn't have to really 'cook'. Meat loaf is a great freezer meal, and so are stuffed shells. Those are two of our favorites. :)


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