Week Eighteen

Week 18! Whoo hooo! For some reason, throughout my pregnancy so far, I’ve really looked forward to getting to week 18. I think it’s because I knew that would be the week we could first find out if it’s a boy or a girl, which we did yesterday. If you want to compare this week’s bump shot with last’s, click here.

I’ve been feeling a lot of movement lately, and Tad has even felt our little girl moving too! She was so active during the ultrasound yesterday morning (ok, I’ll admit… I had a tiny, 1/2 cup of coffee to make sure we got to see everything we needed to see!) and flipped over at least twice while we were watching her. We also saw her open her mouth and wiggle her toes and fingers.

I’ve been feeling great, and I am so incredibly excited to meet our daughter in August. Oh, we just learned yesterday that statistically, August is the most popular month in which to have a baby! July and September are in line right after August.

They showed us yesterday if I hold my hand in a “hang-loose” sign, our baby’s length measures from my thumb to my pinkie (and she weighs about 8 ounces). So, she’s about the size of a sweet potato right now!

We’re still discussing potential names. It’s a lot easier now that we’ve cut our list in half! We have a few favorites, but it’ll probably be a while until we definitely decide… and we’re not planning on announcing the name until her birthday!

Thanks for your prayers for us and for our chica!


  1. Emily Kendall says

    Aliesha, I love reading your blog and hearing about your pregnancy. :) I’m so excited for your precious baby girl! I also laughed when I saw your most recent pregnancy pic; I totally have that shirt in blue. [I recently discovered the Target clearance rack, which is where I found it] At any rate, I hope you are doing so well!

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