Nursery Project: Bird house and bunting banner

Here are my two most recent nursery projects that I just completed.

First, I painted a wooden birdhouse for the fabric birds to “live” in. It will probably sit on a shelf in the room somewhere.
Secondly, I made a bunting banner (very easy to make). I plan on hanging this on the wall in the nursery. Want to see how our nursery is progressing? Check out the fabric birds and the cloth cube I made.


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    That banner is just beautiful! I haven’t done anything crafty for our son’s room…I really should!!

    Congrats on the baby girl! Girl clothes are so much fun…even though I’m having a boy whenever I am out looking at baby things I always find myself wondering over and looking at the sweet dresses & pink things!! I’m excited about my son but boy clothing just isn’t near as cute!

    And your hubby & I share a birthday (although he is a year older)…just one more thing our families have in common!! :)

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    Alright, I squealed at the sight of this one! Love a good banner!! SOO darling! Thanks for linking and hope you have a marvelous Memorial Day!


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