Sanctity of Human Life

In honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2010 (January 24), I thought I would link to several good pro-life articles. (And today, as you may know, is the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.)

this article talks about how many abortion doctors who have seen ultrasound images of abortions being performed have turned pro-life. (Caution: while there are no graphic images, the descriptions written in this article are very graphic and may disturb some. I still encourage you to read it.)

another article compiles a list of state laws relating to harming a pregnant woman and causing injury to the unborn child within her

– in Unstringing the Violinist, this author takes a critical look at Judith Jarvis Thompson’s seemingly rational defense of abortion on demand

Tad is going to post (later tonight) another article he recently read which suggests one of the best ways pro-lifers can help bring an end to abortions.

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