First Nursery Project

I have been working on my first project for our baby’s nursery. I decided I wanted to go with a colorful, “little bird” theme, so I’ve been making little birdies to use in various ways! I might make a mobile similar to this one. The pattern I used was (slightly altered) from this one.

I am considering making a (very easy, beginner) quilt using the same fabrics, and I also want to try and make a bunting banner like this one here, also using these fabrics. Other plans include painting the walls a very pale blue (like Glidden Clear Blue Sky) and creating some art for the walls (love these!). Once we find out if our little egg is pink or blue, I may change the color scheme a little bit (add navy and yellow and leave out the pink if a boy; etc.).

You can’t tell from the pictures, but the underbellies of the birds are made out of different fabrics than the tops. The underbelly of each bird is made with the same color fabric, but the other pattern.As always, I love using my Crate and Barrel ruffled cake pedestal… timeless and season-less!


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    those are THE CUTEST EVER!! ur so talented. Ok for my nursery can you make me some star ones?? hehe with some lil whimsical things incorporated? hmmmm HEHE

    Seriously cute. I cant wait to see it all together in ur future home.

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    I’m so happy for you that God is blessing you with a child! It’s wonderful to see your joy and anticipation as you go through this very special time. May each day be blessed as you celebrate this gift!

    ~ Davene

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    HOW simply ADORABLE!! Your nursery will be so bright and cheerful!! YOu have done a GREAT job on the birdies and I am proud of you!! What fun to anticipate that unique little individual that God is sending you and Tad laying in his/her bed and watching the little birds that his/her mommy made go ’round and ’round!! (See, I am staying neutral!!!) The fabrics you chose are so nice. There will be lots you can make with them!!

    Looking forward to trying some of your recent recipes also! So glad I have a daughter I can teach—AND learn from!!
    Love you bunches <3 <3 <3
    M<3M ๐Ÿ˜‰ (soon to be MiMi ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    What a FUN theme!! I am so glad you linked these up!!! The birds are so colorful and cute. Fabulous! Thanks for linking up to Baby Week at Oopsey Daisy!


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