Menu Monday

Our family menu plans for this week

Lunch: out (in Washington)
Dinner: freezer dinners (hungry after grocery shopping…not a regular habit)

Breakfast: muffins
Lunch: soup, pumpernickel rolls, raspberry jello
Dinner: homemade pizza, fresh veggies

Breakfast: cereal, cinnamon bagels
Lunch: chicken Caesar wraps
Dinner: fettucine alfredo, fresh green beans, bread

Breakfast: yogurt, cereal
Lunch: tuna (Tad out)
Dinner: cheddar broccoli soup (Panera Bread copycat recipe), bread bowls, warm golden apple chunks

Breakfast: eggs & spinach
Lunch: in Richmond…family Christmas gathering
Dinner: in Richmond…family Christmas gathering

Breakfast: cereal, cinnamon bagels
Lunch: soup, salads (or leftovers)
Dinner: Bacon Apple Fest (already made and in the freezer)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: out (visiting)
Dinner: leftovers

There you have it! Our super simple dishes for this week!

Here’s a picture of the Chicken Mozzarella dish I made last week.P.S. These beautiful white casserole dishes totally make me feel like an amazing homemaker! haha.


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