Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for the two days we were able to spend in Virginia with our families!

On Thursday, we traveled to Salem to visit Tad’s grandparents, immediate family, and some of his extended family as well. For the first time, I got to experience a turkey cooked on a charcoal grill! I also learned how to throw a football and not look like a girl throwing a football. Another highlight of that visit was hearing Mema tell the story of how she and Grandfather met.

Thursday night we stayed in Roanoke with my family. Friday we had a great meal with them and also with my grandparents. We loved seeing all of the beautiful changes my family has made to the house since I’ve been gone! They have a new couch downstairs and have converted my old bedroom into a beautiful “coffee-themed” office for Dad!

We were very tired when we arrived home Friday night just before midnight, but we were so glad that we are still close enough that we could see both of our families at one holiday. At least we’re not in China!

Saturday afternoon we got to go to a birthday party for two of the guys in the youth group. It was lots of fun!

Sunday was busy as usual, with Sunday School, Children’s Church, and the evening service. Tad teaches the youth SS class and also teaches Children’s Church (I helped this past week). Last night, he preached for the evening service as well. His message came from the first four verses of Hebrews and he gave an excellent exhortation of how we should not neglect the Gospel. I’m so thankful for how hard he studies the Word of God so he can properly handle it, not just when he “preaches a sermon,” but also when he teaches the little ones in children’s church or the teens in the youth group. I’m so blessed by his spiritual leadership!

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