Caramel Popcorn

Recipe for caramel popcorn using healthy, natural sweeteners and air popped popcorn. Delicious treat! | Feathers in Our Nest

There’s just something about caramel popcorn!  It satisfies a craving for both sweet and salty, and you can somewhat justify it in your mind as being “healthy” since it’s a whole grain!

I’ve been making this recipe for caramel popcorn (using natural sweeteners) for over two years (since the County Fair night at the beach!).  We like having it as a snack during a movie.

This recipe as written makes a nice, light coating for all the popcorn.  If you want a thicker coating, use less popcorn or double the topping.  Also, this recipe makes a sticky, chewy caramel coating, so if you prefer it to be hard and crunchy, you’ll need to bake it after coating.  I prefer it this way (mostly because I’m impatient and want to eat it right away)!

Caramel Popcorn
Caramel popcorn is a delicious treat that satisfies your craving for sweet AND salty!
Serves: 4-6 servings
  • ½ cup UNpopped popcorn
  • ¼ cup sucanat (or brown sugar)
  • ¼ cup honey
  • ¼ tsp. sea salt
  • 2 Tbsp. butter
  1. Pop kernels in air popper (or on the stovetop in a large pot over medium heat with 2 Tbsp. coconut oil).
  2. In a small saucepan, combine sucanat, honey, salt, and butter.
  3. Heat over low heat until melted and bubbly.
  4. Pour over popcorn and stir thoroughly (about 2 minutes), scraping the bottom of the bowl.
  5. Taste, and sprinkle with additional sea salt if desired.


Recipe for caramel popcorn using healthy, natural sweeteners and air popped popcorn. Delicious treat! | Feathers in Our Nest
Recipe for caramel popcorn using healthy, natural sweeteners and air popped popcorn. Delicious treat! | Feathers in Our Nest

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Week Thirty-One


Whooo hooo!  Only 10-11ish weeks until we get to meet Baby Apricot!

I’ve been feeling really great and I have a good bit of energy.  I started taking an iron supplement… maybe that’s helping?

I definitely feel hot almost all the time, but to be fair, we have had a bit of a heat wave here!  I’m so thankful for air conditioning and fans!

I’ve started making my “buy before baby” (you’d think I’d have everything by now, right? ha!) and “to do before baby” lists.  I’m also planning on doing some major freezer cooking this week.  I’m starting to really think about getting everything in order for when Apricot comes, but that time still feels like a long way off.

Incredibly thankful for a healthy pregnancy and for Baby A’s strong heartbeat in the 140’s!


ranunculusHave you ever had this thought?

Other women are more connected than I am.

Or variations on the above:

Other women have more friends than I do. Other women aren’t lonely the way I am. Other women have closer, more meaningful relationships than I do.

I am finding, the more women I meet, that women everywhere long to have deeper friendships with other like-minded women, and to be challenged by them in their roles and wives, moms, and Christian women.

It’s really easy to sit at home waiting for an invitation to get together with someone, while the truth is many women are longing to form relationships with other women in their churches and communities. Someone has to make the first move!

We tend to think that other women are busier than we are and have more thriving social lives.  Or we’re too caught up in our own busyness to realize that there’s a woman at our own church who is longing to get connected.

So whether you are feeling lonely or have lots of friendships with other women, make a call this weekend.  Invite another woman to a play date, a Bible study, or out to coffee.  Plan a girls’ night out.  Welcome the new family at church over for dinner. Send an encouraging card or email.

Stop waiting for the phone to ring (or vibrate… mine is always on vibrate!). Get connected today and start reaping the benefits of friendships with other women.