Covered Goods Nursing Cover Review


If there’s one item in my “baby arsenal” that has gotten more compliments than any other, it is my Covered Goods Nursing Cover!  This product is actually four products in one, which is super awesome!  I could probably sell these to my friends and to random strangers… that’s how many comments I get about it!  I love all of the versatility (and the fact that I only need one item for four uses).  The buttery-soft fabric rolls up quite tightly so it takes up very little space in my bag.

Here are the four different uses!

Way #1 – Nursing CoverCoveredGoodsFloral5

I love how this cover actually covers everything!  My back and sides aren’t exposed while I’m nursing in public, but I’m easily able to see Theodore and keep eye contact with him while he’s nursing.  It’s also very lightweight, so I don’t worry about him smothering in there.

Way #2 – ScarfCoveredGoodsFloral3

Yep… this can be worn as a cute scarf!  Just twist it around your neck the way you would any infinity scarf, and you’ve got a lovely accessory! This is a nice way to keep the cover handy for nursing sessions.

Way #3 – Cart CoverCoveredGoodsFloral2


If you’re worried about germs on the shopping cart (gross!), just slide your Covered Goods Nursing Cover over the seat and buckle your tot in like normal!  Jude was happy to model this for me at the store last week.

Way #4 – Car Seat/Stroller Canopy



I love that I don’t need to carry around another product… I can just use my  Covered Goods Cover as a car seat or stroller canopy!  It’s great for protecting their little faces from the sun, bugs, or wind.  It’s easy to peek in on Theodore.  Plus, it just looks pretty!

The exact Covered Goods Cover I have is floral, but you can check out all of their patterns (including their brand-new fall collection) right here!

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Disclosure: I received a Covered Goods Nursing Cover in order to facilitate this review/showcase. All opinions are my own.

Dream Diaper Bag: Review of Lily Jade Shaylee

LilyJade1 Well, it finally happened.  After four kids, I found the perfect diaper bag!  I don’t know why it took me so long to find my dream diaper bag, but I’m glad I stumbled across Lily Jade!  LilyJade7The bag I have is from Lily Jade’s brand new collection, and it’s called Shaylee (in color: brandy).  It is made out of beautiful brown leather and has gorgeous gold hardware and a pretty little tassel.  From the looks of it, you would never guess it is a diaper bag!  But when it comes down to functionality, Shaylee has all other bags beat.  It has so many wonderful details and features and I’m excited to show them to you!  LilyJade10

LilyJade2Shaylee can be worn three ways: crossbody, backpack-style, or as a tote.  And changing your mind about how you want to wear it is a snap!  For the tote, simply carry it on your shoulder using the tote straps.  They are a great length and don’t slide.  For the crossbody style, there is a longer strap that can be attached and adjusted for your perfect length.  And for the backpack, simply slip the long strap through the loop on the back of the bag and clip the ends of the strap at the bottom.  LilyJade9

LilyJade8The backpack conversion feature is the one thing I never knew I always wanted!  If you’ve ever tried to wrangle kids, load up a car, or carry other bags while also trying to keep your diaper bag from sliding off your shoulder and bonking a little one in the head, you will love this feature too.  I wasn’t sure at first if I would even wear the Shaylee as a backpack all that much, but I’m finding I love it SO much!LilyJade4


On the outside of the Shaylee bag, there are two zippered pockets on the front and one in the back.  I use the front ones for my cell and for my lip gloss (things I need to access quickly).  Inside the main zippered portion (which glides open so easily!) there are three pockets (one that zips) attached to the main bag as well as a key fob (YES! I’m forever losing my keys in the bottom of my bag…but no more!).  LilyJade3


If you’re not familiar with Lily Jade bags, then you may not know about their most awesome feature.  The “baby bag” portion of Lily Jade bags snaps in and is completely removable (and machine washable) so that your bag can function as a diaper bag for now, and as a normal purse later.  I really love that if I spill something inside the baby bag, I can just pop it in the washing machine (gentle cycle) and call it a day!  The spacious baby bag matches the inside of Shaylee, which is a cheery red.  There are countless pockets of varying sizes so that you can organize your bag in an enviable way.  It even comes with a padded changing pad (which I’ve already used several times!).  I love how multi-functional this bag is!  LilyJade11


I will be doing a post soon about what I carry in my diaper bag and how I organize it with my Lily Jade Shaylee.  So I’ll definitely share more interior shots in that post!

Lily Jade’s Shaylee is hands-down my favorite bag, and believe me when I say I wear it even without kids in tow!  (Which isn’t all that often, but hey, I’ll be ready!)

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Disclosure: I received a Lily Jade Shaylee bag in order to conduct this review/showcase. All opinions are my own.