New Living Room Art… Help Me Decide!

I’ve decided I want to add some new art to my living room!  Because of our high ceilings and the large room, some of the walls still seem rather bare!

I’ve been eyeing some beautiful limited edition art from Minted, and I thought maybe you could give me some help deciding what to get!  (Side note, I’ve been crushing on Minted for a while now!  They have the BEST invitations, announcements, and pretty much anything else printed on paper. The designs are so fresh and fun! I’ll be keeping them in mind for baby announcements this fall!)

Maybe I’ll grab three pieces (of varying sizes) and hang them together in a little collection.  I really want some fun, bright pieces to go in my living room!  The colors in the room are blue, green, teal, brown, and a bit of aqua.

Which of these pieces are your favorite?  I’m having trouble narrowing it down!  (You can click on each image to go to its page on Minted.)

First, this piece calls to me, since I looooove birds and nests (obviously, right?)! (Title: Fly)

Fly Next, I like this watercolor, especially the colors of the bottles! (Title: Glass Bottles)

Glass Bottles


The colors in this next one are so pretty too!  Fun pattern as well, and I like that it’s square. (Title: Intermittent)

This one is unique too and I like the pretty shade of blue. (Title: Blue Floral I)Fine Blue Floral Teal

I think this one could work nicely with several of the other pieces in a grouping.  (Title: Ocean Currents)Ocean Currents

This one is similar to one above, so I’d only use one of them in the frame arrangement.  I think I may like this one a teeny bit better! (Title: Blue Floral II)Fine Blue Floral II Teal

This succulent painting is so sweet.  I love the shades of green. (Title: Aeonium)Aeonium

This one has such a fun pattern, and the color is delicious! (Title: Abstract Triangles)Abstract Triangles

This next one is completely different than any of the others shown, but I thought I’d throw it into the mix too! (Title: Below Revello)

Below Ravello

As far as colors go, this one doesn’t exactly “go” with the color scheme I’ve chosen, but I get big heart eyes every time I see it.  Beautiful. (Title: Meander)Meander

And lastly, another lovely patterned watercolor.  (Title: Abstract Herringbone)Abstract Herringbone

Alright… so which ones do you love?  I obviously love way too many… I need to figure out which three to get!  There is a cool feature at Minted that allows you to create “pin boards” to test out which art pieces look good together!  Very fun!

Minted Art Wall

Thanks for your input!

P.S. Minted is celebrating its seventh birthday this week, so use code SEVEN for 15% off your purchase between 3/31-4/6 (excluding art).

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Quick note unrelated to this post: There is a flash sale going on right now for the Ultimate DIY Bundle (ebooks about crafting, photography, recipes, DIY, writing, and more!), and you can learn more info about it right here!

Every summer I love making refrigerator dill pickles!  I have adapted my recipe over the past several years (always changing it and never writing it down!), but this time I carefully wrote down all of my measurements so I could share it with you.  The thing I most love about refrigerator pickles is that there is no canning involved.  You just make them and put them in the fridge!  So easy.  I’m hoping to get some more pickling cucumbers this week so I can make a few more jars!

Pickling cucumbers are smaller than regular cucumbers, and you can buy them at most grocery stores as well as at your local farmer’s markets!  Farmer’s markets really are the most cost effective way to buy them, I have found!

Fresh dill is essential to this recipe, and growing it is probably really simple.  I may try to do that this summer!  For this batch, though, I used fresh dill I bought at Trader Joe’s.

The recipe as written will make two quart jars.

Garlic Refrigerator Dill Pickles - easy to make and no canning required!  Fun to make in the summer using farmer's market produce!  |  Feathers in Our Nest

Refrigerator Dill Pickles
Refrigerator dill pickles are easy to make and have that wonderful, crunchy texture you love! This recipe makes 2 quart jars.
Recipe type: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Serves: 2 jars
  • 1½ cups white vinegar
  • 1½ cups water
  • 3 tsp. kosher salt
  • 10 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1 cup (approximately) fresh dill, including stems
  • 2 tsp. whole peppercorns
  • 1 tsp. whole coriander seeds
  • pickling cucumbers (12? will depend on size of cucumbers)
  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, bring vinegar, water, and salt to a low simmer.
  2. Smash garlic cloves slightly with the flat side of a knife.
  3. In two clean quart jars, place garlic cloves, dill, peppercorns, and coriander seeds, splitting the ingredients between the two jars.
  4. Slice cucumbers into spears and pack into the jars tightly.
  5. When vinegar mixture is hot, pour over the contents of the jars.
  6. Place the lids on the jars and allow to cool completely on the counter.
  7. When cool, place in refrigerator. Ready to enjoy when chilled!

Garlic Refrigerator Dill Pickles - easy to make and no canning required!  Fun to make in the summer using farmer's market produce!  |  Feathers in Our NestGarlic Refrigerator Dill Pickles - easy to make and no canning required!  Fun to make in the summer using farmer's market produce!  |  Feathers in Our Nest

My kids love pickles, and Jude was really excited about trying these!!

Garlic Refrigerator Dill Pickles - easy to make and no canning required!  Fun to make in the summer using farmer's market produce!  |  Feathers in Our Nest


For more of our family’s recipes, visit our recipe page here!

How I Curl My Hair – Natural Beachy Waves (Irresistible Me Review)

Disclosure: Irresistible Me provided me with the Sapphire Curling Wand in exchange for my completely honest review of the product. My opinions are 100% my own!

Curled-Beachy-WavesI have long hair, and as of late it had gotten quite difficult to curl.  Not that it wouldn’t hold curl, but the thought of spending foreeeever long curling my hair with my sub-par curling iron made me turn to my trusty sock bun instead!  When Irresistible Me reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review their Sapphire 8-in-1 Curling Wand, I jumped at the chance!DSC_0719copysm

At first I was a bit skeptical… could this wand really be as easy to use and as awesome as other reviews claimed?  Very quickly I realized YES!  I’ve had SO much fun “playing” with this curling wand and trying out the different attachments!DSC_0722copysm

The thing that makes the Sapphire Wand most unique is that it comes with eight attachments of varying size and shape.  I have my favorites, but it’s fun to have other options too!DSC_0723copysm

I love how the Sapphire Wand comes in a handy little black bag that keeps the base and all the attachments organized.  It’s great for travel or just everyday storage!

Each wand clicks and locks into place in the base without any trouble.  The locking mechanism assures me that the hot wand isn’t going anywhere!  When cool, the wand is easy to remove from the base for storage.

I love how hot this wand gets (up to 450 degrees) and how the temperature gauge tells you exactly what temp it is at currently.  The set includes a heat-resistant glove which makes styling safe and easy.DSC_0724copysm

As to performance, the Sapphire Curling Wand is exceptional!  My hair curls quickly and easily no matter which wand size I’m using.  My hair looks great even days after I’ve curled it (even on rainy days)!  Talk about bang for your buck!  I can curl my whole head (thick, long hair) in less than fifteen minutes, and even after sleeping on it, my hair still has beautiful, loose waves!

My one teeny tiny complaint about the wand is that there is no kickstand or way of keeping the wand from rolling away off the counter when you set it down.  I get around this by balancing it in the sink (obviously without any water on!), so it’s not a big deal.  Overall, I highly recommend this curling wand!

The Irresistible Me Sapphire Curling Wand can be purchased directly from their site here.

Irresistible Me Sapphire Curling Wand beachy waves

looser waves achieved using the largest wand attachment

Natural Beachy Waves

For natural beachy waves, I like to use the “pearl” wand attachment.  That is the funny-looking one that resembles a string of pearls.  This wand gives curls of varying tightness/looseness within the same strand of hair, giving it a really natural look.DSC_0720copysm

1) Attach the pearl wand to the base of the Sapphire Wand.  Heat wand to desired temperature (I usually do 430).

2) Separate hair into three sections: top layer (left of head), top layer (right of head), and bottom layer.  Use duck bill clips to secure top layers.

3) Separate out a strand of hair closest to your face that is about 1 inch thick.  Use the wand to curl this strand away from your face.

4) For the next strand, curl it towards your face.  Alternate towards and away from your face for this whole section.

5) Repeat the process with the top layers, only starting the curl as high as your ear.

6) If desired, separate out the curls with your fingers.  Spray with hairspray, and you’re done!

These are my before and after photos.  Before (left): Air dried hair; After (right): Curled with the pearl attachment of the Irresistible Me Sapphire Curling Wand

Irresistible Me Sapphire Curling Wand Natural Beachy Waves

Again, you can grab a curling wand of your own right here!  Irresistible Me also carriers straighteners, hair extensions, and hair accessories!