Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Wagon

I have a confession.  I haven't been taking care of my health the way I should this summer.  We just finished a weekend of sweet treats at Vera's tea party (hello, buttercream frosting!) and I honestly feel terrible.  I've been indulging in so much white flour, caffeine, and refined sugar lately, and it's really affected my mood and my health.
It's ice cream season, so I haven't been very self-controlled in that area.  We've also eaten out a couple of times recently, and we really need to reign that in (not just for our health, but our budget!).

It just takes a few slip ups to make you start feeling bad (and I've had more than a few).

But I'm ready to get back on track.  You heard it here; I'm ready to start eating healthy again and making sure my family is too!

One thing that I KNOW is going to help me do this is the brand new (soon to be released) Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

This exciting new bundle includes ebooks about DIY health and beauty recipes, essential oils, fitness, backyard chickens, gardening, homemade cleaners, children's health, kids eating real food, freezer cooking, meal planning, soap making, healthy dinners, smoothies, holidays, gluten/grain-free recipes, and SO many more!  There are also several ecourses included, as well as a generous helping of bonus offers valued at over $200!  This bundle will also include a Getting Started Guide, in case you don't know where to begin when you get all of these great resources.

I personally can't wait to start reading these wonderful ebooks and begin making concrete changes towards better health for me and my family.

Last time I shared a bundle with you was in April, and because of many of you purchasing a bundle through my link (thank you!!), I was able to earn a free bundle.  This time around, I get to pass that offer on to YOU.  That's right... YOU can earn a free bundle too!  Anyone who refers 1 friend (using this link) will receive $5 off their bundle! If you refer 5 friends you'll receive a 12-session audio conference, and referring 10 friends will get you a healthy living bundle for absolutely free!  When you think about how many facebook friends you have, it probably wouldn't take you long at all to find 10 people to sign up, especially since it is such an amazing deal!  (And each of the people you tell about can also sign up for a unique referral code as well so that they can try and earn a bundle too!)

Again, if just one person signs up for the refer-a-friend program using your link, you'll get $5 off your bundle, and if ten friends sign up for it, you'll get your bundle free!

I'm not allowed to tell you yet all the books that are included in this bundle, but I promise this is an amazing library of resources that will help you as you strive to live a healthy lifestyle!  I can't wait for the bundle to be released (sometime in the next couple of weeks)!

So if you want to earn your own free bundle, just sign up here to get a referral link to share with your friends!

Comment below if you have any questions!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vera's Pink and Gold Tea Party: Part 2

As promised yesterday, here are the rest of the details from Vera's pink and gold tea party!

I've been wanting to make a ruffled cake for a long time, and this party was the perfect excuse!  The cake was homemade chocolate and the frosting was buttercream.

I used some pieces from my collection (the tea cups on the left and all the tea pots) as well as some thrifted tea cups and saucers so that everyone could drink their beverage of choice from a pretty cup!
The gold edged tea cups were perfect (and only cost $.45 each!).
I served vanilla sugar for people to stir into their tea and coffee!
I also made petit fours, and they turned out pretty well.

The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were popular with the kids!
We had veggies and fruit too (brought by MiMi and Grammy), so there were healthy choices in addition to all the sweets.

Here was the party menu:
-marinated ham biscuits
-croissants with chicken salad (chicken, Greek yogurt, green onions, salt & pepper)
-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
-cucumber sandwiches
-vanilla scones
-petit fours
-tea pot sugar cookies
-chocolate cake with pink buttercream frosting
-tea/coffee/iced tea/sparkling pink lemonade

I decorated the breakfast nook a little bit too.
I made crepe paper flowers and was happy that they turned out so well!  The looked almost real!

For favors, we gave little boxes of fancy chocolates/caramels.
Didn't my mom do a lovely job with the tea pot cookies?  They were delicious too!
I hope Vera cherishes many sweet memories from her tea party!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vera's Pink & Gold Tea Party: Part 1

On Saturday we celebrated Vera turning four years old by hosting a pink, gold, and mint FANCY tea party!  Vera seemed so grown up drinking out of a china tea cup!

MiMi (my mom) made beautiful rose pillowcase dresses for the girls to wear, and for at least a few pictures, they wore flower crowns that I made and pretty little gloves too.
Cordelia was a little lady too.
I was so pleased with how our family picture turned out!
Love my sweet Vera!

Jude and Tad both looked quite dapper!

MiMi and her grandgirlies:

Pops and Uncle Nicholas celebrated with us all weekend as well!

Grammy always seems to know how to get Vera to laugh!

 Grandanny adores his grandgirls too!
Of course Mister Jude loves all of the funny faces Grandanny makes!
"Hey! That's my hat!"
We were so glad cousins Haley and Brayden could come to the tea party as well!
This was the best photo of the cousins that we could get!
Tad served drinks to everyone.  The sparkling lemonade was popular!
 Vera loved her cake (chocolate with pink buttercream frosting).
She even blew out her candle without any help!
We gave her her first bicycle and she was so thrilled!  "I asked for a bicycle and you gave me one!"
I couldn't have thrown this party without my amazing husband, who helped tremendously, and who wore a gold bow tie so cheerfully!
I'll have to share more details about the party in another post tomorrow!

Friday, August 22, 2014

4 Year Portraits

I didn't have these done before I wrote Vera's birthday post, but I wanted to get them done before her party (tomorrow) so I could display one of them!  I made floral crowns for Vera and Cordelia to wear for the tea party, so we had to try them on early.

We're thankful for our lovely little girl!

(I usually get questions about this:  I watermark photos like these to prevent them from being lifted and used by others... but I currently don't have my own photography business. I'm building a portfolio, so maybe one day in the future!)
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